Free Drug Card Program

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“Man I have to tell you, I have had nothing but positive comments on those prescription cards, I have affiliates in Virginia, that are emailing and calling me asking me like mad where can I get my hands on these cards, as well as other doctors offices and GPs that have asked for them. I have Virginia and West Virginia support groups, and I need cards for these groups. I gave some vets the pet cards and they were great! These prescription cards are really a gift.”

- John from Stephen City, VA

“I took the card to my pharmacy just for giggles to see if it would work. I saved over $50 each on two different prescriptions. Can you please send me 25 additional cards for my friends and family who need help saving on their prescriptions? I have people asking me to use my card until I get some more cards.”

- Robert from Nokomis, FL

“Since you asked for success stories (see email below), Dana wanted me to share mine with you.

Dana gave me some cards last Saturday morning and that afternoon I had to pick up some prescriptions that I had at Publix Pharmacy. My insurance just changed the first of October and the new one wouldn't pay at all for my prescription that I have been using for several years. I asked how much it would be "if" I go ahead and get it. She said it would be $68.00 (1 month supply). I stood there for a moment debating stopping the use of this drug that I so desperately need for my stomach, when I remembered the card Dana gave me. I thought I had to go on line or do something to activate it which I hadn't done but I handed it to the clerk and asked her if they would accept this card. She did something on the computer and told me yes and the price for the medicine would be $13.45 with it. I bought it and I didn't have to do anything. The customer behind me heard the whole conversation and her regular monthly medicine is over $400.00 - I gave her my card (since they all have the same number on them - I figured it didn't matter which one we use).

Dana had given me a few to hand out, I now only have 1 left. Looks like I need a lot more cards. I have 2 networking groups I'm a part of that I would love to give them all one. That would be about 60 people. I work with about 20 people (all on the same insurance I have), they could probably benefit from it too. I have a very large family so I could use about 20 there as well. This isn't even counting my multitude of friends and customers. Can you send me at least 200 cards. I would be happy to promote this program to everyone I talk to besides our church.

I still don't know how it works or who actually pays for this discount program but I do know it works. It saved me $55.00 on one prescription and I didn't have to do anything but hand it to the pharmacist. I think now that it's in their system, maybe I don't even have to show the card again. I will have to find out about that.

Thank you so much for sharing these cards with Dana and our church. I will pass the word on and hand out more cards. Hopefully many people will be able to benefit from it. It will be a boost to our economy. A thought: if everyone gave a percentage of what they saved back to the Church - it would be a boost to our Church's financial well being as well; or if they use part of that to buy food for others. The list goes on and on..thank you, thank you, thank you.”

- Karen from Sarasota, FL